When we come across the word Opera, one of the first things that comes into our mind is Italy. For many people, opera performances are characteristic to Italy and are performed predominantly by talented Italians. Opera did originate in Italy and today it is still popular all over the world. This form of singing is essentially a combination of the historic culture and the language of the Italian people which is blended together to create riveting performances sung by opera singers in open events and concert halls. Even today, opera performances across the world continue to inspire people to learn about the Italian culture, history and language and the various experiences associated with this breathtaking country.

Opera Arena Verona

The Opera Arena in Verona

For many people, watching an opera performance is a romantic experience. When you are in Italy, you surely must not miss out on visiting any of the popular and historic opera houses in the country and watching a live opera performance. One common theme that runs across most opera performances in the country is the tale of love or heartbreak. People from all across the world who love opera frequently travel to Italy to catch a glimpse of their favourite opera stars perform live. The famous opera houses in Italy are always jam-packed with crowds of opera lovers thronging the place to watch live performances. Even someone who is not an opera fan will enjoy watching opera singers as it is an enthralling and unique experience.

If you are planning to go for an Italian holiday, then you should attend at least one opera performance in any of the big cities such as Rome, Milan or Florence. If you are keen to learn more about the European culture, history and language, then watching an opera might just be the right thing to do.  For a country filled with lush green landscapes and mesmerizing buildings, music has its own popularity and the culture of opera music is spread vastly across the entire country.

If you are wondering which are the popular cities for opera performances in Italy, there are many to tour and explore. Cities like Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona, Pisa and Naples are just a few of the cities that are known for their majestic opera houses. These are the cities which saw the birth of opera singing and continue to embrace the traditional style.


These opera houses are not just frequented by the locals who are opera fans but also tourists who want to learn more about the Italian culture apart from the shopping, cuisine, sightseeing and romantic getaways that the country is most famous for. Though there are several popular opera houses in Italy, the one that is very popular is La Scala which is located in Milan. It was started in the year 1778 and still continues to attract crowds from across the globe. The world’s renowned opera singers perform at La Scala. Some other famous opera houses in Italy are Teatro Verdi in Pisa and Teatro San Carlo in Naples. These opera houses are centuries old but still retain their old-world charm and boast some of the most lavish interiors and world’s finest acoustics.

If you are thinking that opera houses can be found only in the big cities in Italy, then you are mistaken. Even the small, quaint cities as well as villages have opera houses that radiate a warm, friendly and rustic feel. These opera houses in smaller towns and cities are lesser known for concerts and opera festivals. Opera singers from Italy are known for their acoustics and talent. One name that needs a mention is Maria Callas. She was born in New York and the Greek soprano singer had a flourishing career as an opera singer in Italy. She is often regarded as one of the finest opera artists of the twentieth century. She had a highly debated personal life which was characterized by her much spoken about love affair with the shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

luciano pavarotti tenor

Another popular opera singer from Italy is Luciano Pavarotti. He was born in 1935 and breathed his last breathe in 2007. He is often regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern opera. He is famous across the world as the one of the ‘Three Tenors’, the other two being Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo. In 2004 the National Italian American Foundation inducted him into its Italian American Hall of Fame in recognition of his lifetime of opera work. The 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, saw Pavarotti on stage for the last time, where he performed “Nessun dorma”, with the crowd serving as the aria’s chorus, and he received a thunderous standing ovation. His tenor performances brought opera to the masses and is highly regarded as one of the most perfect opera singers that ever lived.

Opera has always been at the heart of Italian culture and is here to stay. If you get the chance to visit an Italian opera theatre you will be glad you did, but if you can’t make it to Italy this year, just download a copy of Nessun Dorma, sit down and turn it up – we defy you not to be moved by the emotional voice and classic backing music.