italian fashion brandsPeople all over the world who are fashion conscious and very much aware of the latest fashion trends will always agree that Italy and fashion are two words which go hand in hand. It is not for no reason that Italy is considered to be the fashion capital of the world. Italy and fashion indeed share a lot in common and have nurtured a special bond over the years. When we think of fashion and Italy, names like Prada, Dolce & Gabana, Versace and Armani often come to our minds. It is not difficult to see why these names are popular all over the globe as they are iconic fashion designers who have made their mark in the ever-evolving fashion industry. When one talks of Italian fashion, the list of fashion icons and designers seems to be endless.

fashion passionItaly is often considered to be the birthplace of world fashion. The wonderful Italian city of Milan has been known for it’s fashion and style trends for a very long time. In the late twentieth century, Milan became known as the fashion capital of Italy.  The growth of fashion was so rapid in Italy that the phrase ‘Made in Italy’ became synonymous for high fashion, high quality and high-end designs. Today, there are many fashion exhibitions and fashion fairs in Milan and across Italy that are visited by fashion lovers from all over the world. If you’re going to a fashion show it has to be in Italy!

brioni 007 suitWhen we talk of famous Italian designers, there are so many that spring to mind and conjure visions of catwalks and models donning the latest trendy styles. However, some of these fashion designers have made a mark with their cutting edge designs and fashionable outfits for men and women that have revolutionized clothing over the years. One of them is Brioni. Most people would agree that it will take several talented and dedicated people to stitch a signature Brioni suit. A Brioni suit is a trademark of class, style and elegance and each step involved in making the outfit is a hallmark of quality and skill. Nobody who has seen one of his suits would disagree that Brioni is an exceptional Italian designer. He is known for designing the iconic James Bond suits which help make 007 look as dashing and suave as he does..

Another Italian designer who has made a mark for himself is the popular Corneliani. For many Italians, manufacturing quality and elegant clothing happens to be a family business. Corneliani is one such Italian designer who had clothing and designing in his ancestral roots. He is a typical example of the many fashion houses that have sprung out of family business in Italy. The Corneliani brand was founded in 1950 in Mantua. It started as a small-scale business that specialized in menswear and today the brand enjoys a global presence over five continents across the world.

gucci handbag fashionShopping for high-end fashion clothes in Italy is quite common among locals as well as visitors. One store where you can find a bundle of brands under one roof is A.N.G.E.L.O located in Lugo di Ravenna. This store was established in 1978 and houses top brands like Christian Dior, Hermes, Emilio Pucci Vintage, Chanel Vintage among many others. This is a three storey-boutique and some of its collections can often spotted in many Italian television shows as well as films.

So whether you are a dedicated follower of fashion or just love the luxurious lifestyle image Italian fashion portrays, by heading over to Italy you will find yourself immersed in the good looking culture this country offers. Fashion is everywhere in Italy. Even the kids dress up smart when they meet their friends in town – a far cry from the hoodies and tracksuits we see in the UK! So take a leaf from Italian fashion and turn the style dial up to 10.