An Italian villa holiday is a hugely popular choice for British holidaymakers. Villas promise rest and relaxation in one of the world’s most beautiful places. It’s easy to consider them your home away from home; with a high-quality villa, you truly can get away from it all and simply enjoy yourself. With a self-catering villa in Italy, you can choose either to make your own meals from the freshest ingredients, making this an economical choice for families, couples, and single travellers alike.

So what elements do you need to consider when booking an Italian villa holiday, to ensure you’re getting an experience that will stick with you for a lifetime?

Eating in ItalyVilla Location

Choosing where to go for your Italian villa holiday is very important. When a “villa” can be anything from an old farmhouse to an apartment in a busy city centre, you’ll want to think about what sort of location might suit you. Do you prefer easy access to a beach, and if so, how busy is too busy? You’ll need to balance that with access to restaurants, nightclubs, and other places that you might enjoy as a traveller. Or you might want to be near a big city, but not quite in it. Whichever villa you’re interested in, make sure that it’s not only appealing in its own right but with its own surroundings.

Nearby Activities

What you do when you’re staying in your villa is another primary consideration. If you’re perfectly happy to sit by the pool or in the garden with a drink in your hand over the course of the holiday, then you’d be content with a villa situated simply in the countryside. But if you’d rather go out and ski, or hike, or even just ramble around the coast or nearby farmlands, you’ll want to think much more about what’s in your vicinity. In addition, remember that you might want to visit certain areas around Italy; castles, cathedrals, and historic art and architecture are thick on the ground, and that doesn’t even mention the natural beauty of the entire country.

Villa Size

What about the size of your Italian villa? How many people would you like to bring with you? Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to pay a bundle if you have a child; plenty of villas offer pull-out beds or cosy sofas that are well suited for a child. You don’t necessarily need to fork out the extra for a child’s own room, although you may choose to do so depending on his or her age. You might also want to consider going with more people rather than less. A 10 person farmhouse villa is a real bargain and can be a great opportunity to get the whole family together or to gather a group of friends together for a proper holiday.

Local Amenities

In addition, it’s worth thinking about what amenities your chosen villa offers. Some are essential; if you’re staying for more than a week, you certainly will want your own washing machine. But what is important to you? Would you prefer total seclusion, or are television and internet high priority? Ensure that the villa you’re visiting has all of the amenities you require for an enjoyable stay. Even though it might not be particularly romantic or exciting to think about the number of bathrooms your villa has, it’s still worth doing.

Villa rental guide for ItalyTime of year

Finally, don’t fail to consider what time of year you’re going on holiday. Some parts of Italy can get very cold in the winter, but if you’re seeking a skiing holiday, this might well be what you’re looking for. Some parts of Italy get very, very hot in the summer; you might find that, if you visit in August, shops and restaurants will be closed and residents will have fled themselves to somewhere cooler and quieter. Always keep the seasons in mind and consider how different things may be in a country so close to the Mediterranean. Similarly, remember that different parts of Italy will experience different temperatures.

Going on an Italian villa holiday can be a wonderful experience, completely versatile and able to suit your needs, whatever they might be. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ideally suited to start choosing the right villa for your next holiday in Italy.