Every country has its famous cities and landmarks that tourists visit. However, sometimes we don’t want the hustle and bustle of over-crowded tourist spots. Sometimes it’s better to find those hidden gems which offer a more authentic view of the country’s culture. Italy has many hidden gems, and here we look at just a few of those places that are well worth a visit on your trip to Italy.

Cremona – city of art

Cremona is an ancient Roman city with one of the most beautiful squares in Italy that can be seen with the Cathedral, Baptistery, Torrazzo, Municipal Palace and the Loggia dei Militi (century XII – XIII). It is the birth place of Monteverdi – Amati – Stradivari -Guarnieri del Gesu.


This beautiful coastal town invites you for a pleasant and peaceful stay. It has very good hotels with clean and characteristic beaches. Monuments, walks and excursions are available but it’s nice just to slow things down and enjoy the wonderful old town.

Marina di Massa

This town, situated between the Versilia Riviera and the Poets’ Gulf, is the most attractive seaside resort and Tourist centre in the district of Apuana, with a Promenade along the shore of ten kilometres dotted with small centers surrounded by orange, palm and pine trees. The moderate climate in all season, the comfortable hotels, the tourist and sports amenities, the variety of the surrounding scenery, which is dominated by the Apuan Alps with their spas and their peaks, similar to the Dolomites, reflected in the Tyrrhenian, have all contributed to make Marina di Massa a favourite resort for tourists of all nationalities. Marina di Massa can be reached by transport services which connect it to the nearby cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa, Montecatini, Lucca, Viareggio, La Spezia, Lerici, Portovenere and Rapallo. Visitors will find this resort an ideal spot for a pleasant and peaceful Italian holiday.

The Alban Hills

A short distance from Rome lies the enchanting region of the Alban Hills, long-time favourite of poets and painters. The gentle slopes and valleys are rich with forests, olive plantations and vineyards in colourful array and the air of the hills is pleasantly fresh and stimulating to the visitor from Rome. The whole area is of volcanic origin and early convulsions produced the deep craters where we now find the lovely LAKES OF ALBANO AND NEMI. Their tranquil beauty is justly famous.

Castelli Romani

Picturesque little old towns and villages intersperse the region, and each has a charm and character of its own.   These distinctions are also found — and tasted! — in the fine wines that every locality produces, and which are sold in the little cellars and grottoes.   In mediaeval times their rivalries were more serious and the feudal barons built fortresses and castles in their tiny domains.  Hence the name of Castelli Romani, although little trace can now be seen of those militant times.  One of these little towns, CASTEL GANDOLFO, is also notable as the summer residence of the Pope, and public audiences are usually held during the summer months. The entire region has great scenic attraction, offers magnificent views over the Roman plain, and should be visited by everyone nearby Rome. Read the Lonely Planet guide to Castelli Romani for further information.

Amalfi at night painting

The coastal town of Amalfi is well worth a visit.