Lake Como, one of the world’s finest locations.  Located in Italy it is one of the most popular sites to visit.  Lake Como, also known as Lario meaning lake in Latin is a lake located in Lombardy Italy.  With an area of 146 square kilometers  it is one of the largest lakes in all of Italy.  The Shape of the lake resembles the letter “Y”.  Three towns sit at the intersection of the lake named, Bellagio, Menaggio and Varenna.  The intersection resembles branches of a tree and can bring you to many locations, perfect for an adventure of a lifetime.

Why Should You go to Lake Como?

Lake Como is well known for its amazing scenery, Spas and it’s beautiful wildlife.  Anywhere on the lake is a great view, either of the mountainsides or the villas.  Lake Como Has an amazing ferry service situated at the intersection of the lake where you can enjoy the calming view and visit many of the different towns.  There are three types of ferries you can venture on.  There is the “Motorship” boat services along the northwest branch of the lake near Colico and Como This service provides a ride in between towns so you can visit and experience the whole lake.  Then there is also the “Fast services” that follow a similar route.  The main difference of this service is that it moves faster on the lake and makes less stops.  This ride is meant to be a means of travel so people can move from place to place, not as much as a scenery capturing ride.  It is also a little more expensive.  Then there are the ferries.  The ferries run between the more popular tourist attractions.  The towns you will be touring are Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna and Cadenabbia.  This boat isn’t for travelling as much as it is for sightseeing.  Here you will be able to absorb your surroundings and melt into the moment of Italy.

Lake Como’s Attractions

Lake Como town view

The quiet side streets are places to stroll without a care in the world.

Although it isn’t an expensive stay, Lake Como is a popular place for rich and wealthy people.  This lake has many artistic gems.  Anyone interested in painting or art in general is highly recommended to go visit.  There are also many famous Villas and Palaces.  Places where many famous movies were shot.  Places there such as the villa Erba, The home of the Night Fox from “Oceans Twelve”.  This is just one of many places of Lake Como where movies have filmed.  It is clear that this place is a historical gem as well.

The Lake is well known for its famous and attractive villas.  A lot of these villas have been around since the roman times.  There are many villas but among them are villas that are must see.  Villa Carlotta built in 1690 at Tremezzo.  You can tour the inside with its original 18th century furniture and art works. This Villa is over  seventy thousand square meters.  It has a beautiful Italian garden filled with beautiful steps, fountains and sculptures.  Today this historic villa has been turned into a museum.  Some of the antique art and sculptures by Antonio Canova, and Luigi Acquisti are on display here at this very museum.  A must see if you enjoy art from the renaissance.

Como produces some of the words most quality silk and you can see the entire silk-making process in the Silk Museum dating from 1900. The Villa d’Este built in 1568 was the old home of Caroline Brunswick, who was the wife of King George IV.  The villa is a drawing inspiration with its many marble structures and fountains.  The villa was later turned into a luxury hotel, which attracts many celebrities to the location.

Every year, on the last weekend of June in the town of Como a festival name the Sangra di San Giovanni is held.  Here you can see folk art, boat racing and fireworks.

What’s the weather like at Lake Como?

The weather at Lake Como is generally mild.  It is still in Italy, so the climate does follow a seasonal pattern.  An average day in the summer is an average of 30 degrees Celsius 86 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for any outdoor activities, a picnic  or a stroll.  The winter time at the lake is a dream come true.  The temperature usually only goes as low as 2 degrees Fahrenheit so you’re still able to do all things you wanted to do.  Nothing better than exploring the villas enjoying your warm coffee beverage.

The best times to visit Lake Como really vary according to what you like.  Summer time between august and July are the busiest times.  This is where you can enjoy more of the outdoor activities like hiking sailing, and exploring.  The fall is better for people who enjoy quieter scenes.  There are less people visiting in the fall and the weather is still very cozy.  Some of the attractions in the Winter are closed off, but you can still go skiing on the mountains nearby.

Where can you stay in Lake Como?

Lake Como has many great places to stay.  You can choose between luxury hotels and elegant villas as your choices of stay.  Lake Como has many top rated such as the 5 star grand hotel villa Serbelloni and the luxury hotel Bellagio, which is one of the finest and one of the oldest around.

If you were looking for that perfect get away, then you’ve found the spot.  Lake Como is a place where you can get away from all the stress of everyday life.  It is truly beautiful and will leave you recharged ready to go back to your everyday life.  If you had only one vacation left in your life,  Lake Como is a serious holiday location you want to look at.  There aren’t many places as wonderful as this.